"Monster" Elf Laila Ali

Representing Litter "Monsters" fighting against backyard breeders/puppy mills

Laila spreads the message: “Adopt, don’t shop, “Please don’t litter, fix yer critter”, and promotes local rescues and animal weltare groups.


Laila Ali was surrendered by her breeder for euthanasia to a local vet hospital presenting with an untreated leg injury and starvation. Laila was emaciated weighing only 3 lbs at 10 weeks old, suffering from an infection in her rear leg that had invaded her, tendons, ligaments and bones. Laila is a victim of unregulated breeding in NC. Here’s a video telling Laila’s story.
Volunteers from RUFF (formerly with Paw Prints Rescue) saved Laila by bringing her into their program and raising funding to provide her with the veterinary care needed to save her life. Laila lost her leg, but thanks to the excellent care of Crossroads Vet and RUFF Volunteers, her life was saved.
She is now the newest member of our family, joining her tripawd brother Liam in spreading the message encourage voters to support passing legislation to regulate Commercial dog breeders In NC. to assure the safety and welfare of the animals

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