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Our Local Pets

Helping adoptable pets is shelters and rescues across the country.

Spread some holiday cheer for homeless pets waiting in shelter* by donating toys, blankets & treats!

We believe that every homeless pet deserves the joy of play, the delight of treats and the comfort of warm beds. Donating pet toys, blankets, treats and more will help give every pet waiting at shelters and rescues a special holiday gift and a more comfortable stay until they find their forever homes!

“Monster” Elf Dexter the Pitbull

Set Up Your Shelter Drive!

Want to help by setting up a donation box at your local school, store or community center? Contact us.


Since 2012, we’ve raised more than


in food, toys,
and supplies

lbs of kibbles, 95,687 cans of food, $39,277 in bones & bully sticks
dog & cat toys, 7,477 tennis balls, 19,824 KONGs & Nylabones
in flea/tick preventatives, 50,502 in supplies, $719,511 in gift cards
$ 0
bags of treats, 2,209 jars of peanut butter, 1,605 cans of sauces & broth
blankets, 19,203 collars, 7,061 leashes, 5,477 beds, 3,569 crates
puppy pads, $42,964 in poop bags, 47,297 lbs of kitty litter
Monster "Elf" Laila Ali
Bark Nation's Pitness Protection


Why we do it

This initiative was inspired by toys on clearance. They sat unwanted, not unlike the pets waiting at the shelters. Both remind us of The Island of Misfit Toys — these pets and toys are not broken; they just haven’t found their perfect home yet. And what perfect companions to cheer them up!

So go to your local or online store for clearance toy and buy them for the unwanted pets in shelters. It may not look like a lot if you only buy one or two, but if you go back every so often and get one — ’til Christmas — you will have a lot!

Together, we can make a difference in their world while they wait for their forever homes.

"Monster" Elves

To help as many homeless pets as possible, we’re getting the help of our “Monster” Elves so not only we lift their spirits, we also bring attention to the good shelters and the various good causes they represent. Each one of these “Monsters” advocated for different aspects of animal welfare as well as breed awareness, and is in different parts of the country; together, we can raise awareness and reach more people to make the drive a success.

Our Partners


Our Mission

We want to improve the welfare of animals in shelters and rescues across the country. We want to reward open admission shelters which have demonstrated large strides in decreasing euthanasia rates by promoting adoptable animals regardless of breed, working with rescue partners, and building animal welfare programs in the community.  We also want to reward hard-working rescue organizations dedicated to providing transitional homes, veterinary care, nutrition and training. Without their commitment, many animals would never find their forever homes.

East Valley Animal Shelter (Los Angeles)
APS of Durham (NC)


Shelter, rescue & community partners that benefited from the Monster Holiday Drive. 


What To Donate

Detailed list of suitable items the shelters & rescues would appreciate, from food to collars/leashes to bowls to beds. Please check with your local shelters. You can also use our Amazon Wishlist. In addition, the “Monster” Elves have their own Wishlists so please browse their Elves pages & help your favorite Elves!

Suitable Toys

New, unwrapped toys, stuffed animals, squeakers, Kong, balls & ropes.

Suitable Blankets/Sheets

Clean blankets, sheets & towels. Used items are OK as long as they are in good shape.

Suitable Treats

New, packaged, preferably healthy and not made in China. Please, no rawhide.